Recycling is a key factor to our business! Because to care and because we CAN be bothered :-)




Along with our weekly collections of recylable materials used within the cafe, we offer a collection service to our customers for spent egg shells and coffee grinds.  So if you're interested, grab a container with your name on it and drop it into us.


These items have many uses in the garden or for adding to compost. Some ideas:

  • Put compost into egg trays, plant your seeds and when they're big enough, break off the section and simply plant them where you want them.
  • Plant seedlings in to egg shells with compost and watch them grow, then pop them straight into their living space.
  • Use egg trays directly into your compost bin to add much needed carbon and air.
  • Cofee grinds are fantastic at keeping slugs at bay and enhance the soil at the same time.


All we ask in return is a small donation to one of our chosen charities.




Our cans, plastics, glass, cardboard and other recyclables are collected by Printwaste.  A local Company who recycles everything they can.  We also pay for any non-recyclables to go into their ZERO LANDFILL process.  These items are incinerated and the energy is used to power local industry and houses.  More information can be found on their website: (Waste to Energy)


Furthermore, we also recycle our compostables.  So all those scraps of food, fat, liquids and tissues are collected by Andigestion (another local Company) who then process it into soil conditioner.  Their website is:




9 Church Road
Bishops Cleeve

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Tel: 01242 678866

Vegain & vegetarian Soups often available.  Our mushrooms are always cooked in a Vegan way.  All vegetarian and vegan cooking is done in their own bespoke frying pan using bespoke utensils.

All our bread & pannini's are also Vegan friendly but baguettes are only vegetarian.

Telephone Orders

We welcome telephone orders, perfect if you're in a rush for lunch!


Call us on 01242 678866 to place your order.


Orders over £20 require a non refundable £10 deposit. We're sorry to ask this but it helps reduce our losses should you decide to cancel your order.

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